Frequently Asked Questions

What is Touch Up Paint?

Touch Up Paint allows you to make minor repairs to your car’s paint caused by small rock chips, door dents and scratches. Touch Up Genie provides you with a quick, DIY way to repair these nicks. When you order one of our touch up paints, we will make a small batch of paint that is mixed to match the exact color of your car.

How do I choose the right color?

We match paint colors using the paint code that is was originally used for your car. These paint codes can be found in car labels, sometimes located at the door, sometimes under the hood. We need the actual code in order to provide the best color match to your car. Refer to this diagram is you need help finding your car’s
color code.

What comes in Touch Up Genie’s Premium Kit?

Touch Up Paint made to order to match your car’s color.

Clear Coat

Scuff Remover

Application tools including a microfiber cloth, alcohol pads and micro dabbers for paint.

How do I order from Touch Up Genie?

We strive to make ordering your kit as easy as possible.

1. Select your car's Year, Make and Model.

2. Select your Paint Code. If you do not know your paint code, view a quick guide found here.

3. Select your kit and check out. Instructions will be provided with your order.

How will I receive my order?

Paint is made to order and shipped out to the address provided through USPS.

How do I apply Touch Up Paint?

There are many videos online that can help you touch-up your car paint. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Use the SCUFF REMOVER to buff out light scuffs around the affected areas.

2. Prepare the area that needs to be painted. Use an alcohol-based wipe to remove wax, oils or other residue.

3. Shake the TOUCH UP PAINT well. Apply one thin layer at a time, allowing 15 minutes to dry between coats. Use the micro-dabbers provided or the tip of a paper towel.

4. Apply CLEAR COAT over the painted surface.

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