Top Surprising Things that Can Damage Automotive Spray Paint

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Car is the second most important investment that anyone makes in a lifetime, after a home. If you also own a car, then it is normal that you would love to keep it looking beautiful and it’s not just important to use just the right washing methods, taking it for mechanical service on a certain period or keeping its interiors cleaned, it is very important to know about the things that can damage its paint. Yes, there are many things that can secretely damage automotive spray paint.

When you know what may eat the paint of your car, you can take some important preventive measures to ensure keeping its paint looking shinier for longer. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss some things that can make huge damage to your car’s paint.

Brake Fluid

Did you just apply the best Subaru touch up paint on your car’s surface and notice that it started to peel off much before its time? If yes, then you would be surprised to know that it can be due to the brake fluid. According to specialists in the car painting industry, brake fluids that are not silicone-based can act like paint thinner and as a result, it can start to eat away at the coating of your paint, which results in peeling of paint.

Not all break fluids are created equally and can damage your car, so it is suggested to know the type of product you are going to use on your vehicle. In case you start to see leaking brake fluid on your car paint, it is suggested to use a towel to soak up the fluid immediately.

Bird Droppings

Not everyone would have noticed it, but the paint on the car roof is likely to get affected faster than any other surface and the reason here is birds droppings. While it is almost unavoidable, the fact here is that it can actually leave behind permanent damage because of its acidic content, which can hamper the automotive spray paint quality and even eat away at your paint. So, whenever you notice birds dropping on your car roof or any other surface, it is suggested to act immediately.

Additionally, you can also use something to cover its roof to avoid damage. In case it still happens, then it is important you do not scratch it, but gently clean the area without scrubbing. In case it is hardened, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes so that you can clean away the dropping easily without scratching it.

Extreme Temperature Conditions

People living in extreme hot or cold conditions are likely to notice that their car paint starts to get damaged or even peals off very soon. In this condition, they may need to use touch up paint for car after a regular interval. So, we can say that extreme weather conditions can leave a negative impact and cause damage to its quality.

In the areas where the sun is mostly harsh and when your car remains exposed to the sunlight, it may damage the paint. Similarly, ice on your vehicle can also ruin the paint of your car. When your car gets covered with ice, there is no way to remove it without shaving it, which is a process that can also damage the paint.


Having bugs around your car or home is a sign of a true spring and summer season. While these bugs may seem too small, but they can make huge damage to your car paint as they get splattered on your car’s windshield and bumper. According to the specialists, most of the car paint damage happens due to bugs as some of the acids in bugs can seriously eat away at your car’s paint if left for too long.

These bugs have acids inside their blood, which can damage your car’s automotive spray paint and you may need to get the help of a specialist to get things back to their condition. So it is suggested to clean the bugs as soon as you notice them on the car bumper or any other surface. Even when you are on your road trip, make sure to keep cleaning the vehicle after some time to prevent any kind of damage.

Tree Saps

Do you park your vehicle beneath your tree? Well, this may be helpful in preventing it from unwanted sub damage, but unknowingly you are putting your car’s paint at risk as these tree saps can result in leaving stains that may be very hard to remove even from the best Subaru touch up paint. The best way you can do is to avoid parking your vehicle beneath a tree for a long time. Make sure to wash the car properly to avoid any kind of damage and in case you see any stain, then clean it properly with a reliable and gentle cleaning agent. In case it is very stubborn, make sure to take your vehicle to a local garage for special treatment like a polishing or rubbing compound or the use of a clay bar.


You may not know the fact, but gasoline or petrol can make huge damage to your car’s paint, even a few drops can leave their marks. If left unattended, the petrol or gasoline can evaporate and leave a strong stain on the paint, which means damaging the clear coat of paint. In case you have got your car waxed properly after touch up paint for car, then it will start to eat away your car wax first. The best part here is that cleaning its residue isn’t a tough job, you can simply wipe it away with a clean cloth without any delay.

Final words

Just take care of these things and you can keep your car looking shiny and beautiful for longer without any kind of damage to your automotive spray paint’s quality. It is very important to keep the vehicle covered when parked.

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